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Fundraising Guidelines for Sections and Committees

Committees or sections who wish to develop and execute a fundraiser for a specific purpose (such as offering financial aid for membership costs or funding a standalone conference or other event) should include the fundraising proposal in their annual budget request.  The fundraising proposal should include details of the fundraiser, any costs that would be incurred to launch the fundraiser (printing costs, purchase of items for sale, etc.) and what the Committee or Section wants to direct the proceeds from the fundraiser toward.  In the event an opportunity for fundraising presents after the annual budget is approved, the Committee or Section must contact the MLA President and Treasurer with the proposal.   The proposal will be shared with the full Admin Board for a vote at their next scheduled meeting.


Once the fundraiser is approved, the Committee or Section has the remainder of the fiscal year the fundraiser was approved in, plus the entire following fiscal year to launch the fundraiser and spend the proceeds.  Any proceeds that are not spent within the allotted time frame will no longer be earmarked for use by the Committee or Section that raised the funds.

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