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Leadership and Management Section

Upcoming Meetings

November 19, 2pm

Get Involved with the Section

  • Would you like to receive emails with updates, minutes, and discussions? Please email and ask to be put on our distribution list. Please include your full name, library, and town.
  • Have a great/awful resource you want to tell us about? Submit a Resource Talk Form and give us your pitch! There's so much to read or watch on the topics of leadership and management. There's not enough time! So let's help each other by sharing what we liked or didn't like about those resources! 
  • Have a problem? We can help brainstorm solutions! Just submit a Help Form and we'll try to bring it up at our next meeting.
  • Submit a Resource Guide Form to contribute to our (forthcoming) compilation of resources covering everything from books to people that are experts on a topic! The guide will be driven by your recommendations! 

Section Mission

This section was developed as a response to a recent survey asking librarians across the US if they felt like they had or have enough training on management topics to help them excel in their positions. The answers ranged from merely "sort of" to "definitely not"!! So, what can we do to bridge that gap? Start a section within a statewide professional organization of course! This new section will work to provide professional development opportunities for librarians at all levels to increase their management and leadership skills. 

Section Board

Lynne Soukup and Sarah Sullivan, Co-chairs

Maura Deedy, Secretary

Please reach all of us at 

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P.O. Box 901 Bellingham | MA 02019

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