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(PAralibrarian Recognition of Achievement)

Recipients Levels I; II; III; IV*

Developed and implemented by the MLA Paralibrarian Section**


 Level 1 Rebecca Boudreau -Topsfield Town Library
Aila Colburn- Merrimac Public Library
Meghan Kemp- Eldredge Public Library (Chatham)
Yareli Sachez Arenas- Chelsea Public Library
Jennifer finn- East Bridgewater Public Library
 Level 2 Angela Howes- East Bridgewater Public Library
Daniella Driscoll- Tewksbury Town Library
Andrea Hogan- Reading Public Library
Marilyn Wilcox- Grafton Public Library
 Level 4 Cheryl Salem- Parker Memorial Library (Dracut)


 Level I
 Marilyn Wilcox 
Rachel Meier          
 Level II

 Jean Daley
Christine McKernan

Darshana Merchant    Concord Public Library, Fowler Branch
Katherine Szuplat

 Level III  Irenen Cunningham

Melissa Guimont

Annamarie McGrath    Newburyport Public Library

Katherine Szuplat

 Level IV Joyce Senior      Newburyport Public Library

Lori Salotto         Middleboro Public Library


 Level I
         Elise Jansson                     Newburyport Public Library
         Darshana Merchant    Concord Public Library, Fowler Branch
         Katherine Szuplat         Amesbury Public Library
 Level II

        Amy Spence                     Parker Memorial Library, Dracut
       Emily Boughton             Athol Public Library
       Kelsey Matthews           Athol Public Library
       Irene Cunningham        Concord Public Library
       Melissa Ryan                     Parker Memorial Library, Dracut

 Level III      Cheryl Salem                    Parker Memorial Library, Dracut
       Judith Fallon                     Worcester Poly Tech Gordon Library
       Robin Brzozowski          Athol Public Library
 Level IV        Andrea Grant                  Chelmsford Public Library


 Level I
         Kelsey Matthews           Athol Public Library
         Emily Boughton             Athol Public Library
         Melissa Jackson               Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, Malden
         Amy Spence                     Parker Memorial Library, Dracut
        Christine McKernan      Gale Free Library, Holden
 Level II

      Robin Brzozowski          Athol Public Library
       Cheryl Salem                   Parker Memorial Library, Dracut
        Andrea Grant                 Chelmsford Public Library

 Level III

    Kathleen Haynes              Jonathan Bourne Public Library, Bourne


 Level I   Irene Cunningham -Concord Free Library       

  James Graham   -   Dedham House of Corrections     

  Heather Maganzini -   Tewksbury Library                            

  Rachel Mimms - Gale Free Library                              
 Level II    Judith Fallon   -   Gordon Library/WPI        
   Kevin MacKenzie    -   West Springfield PL    
 Level III     Stacey Charbonneau  - Concord Free Library                      


 Level I Katherine Tolliver- Sturgis Library, Barnstable
 Level II Brian Meneses-Bourne Library
Barbara Lorentzen- Bourne Library
Cathy H. Pastva- Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Magdalena Brancato- Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Lisa Hall Conway-Sturgis Library, Barnstable
AnnaMarie McGrath- Newburyport and Rowley Libraries
 Level III Terry L Johnson-Bourne Library
Gael Nappa- Haverhill Public Library
Joyce Senior-Newburyport Public Library
 Level IV Karen Horn-Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Diane Oxton-Newburyport Public Library
Allison Sloan- Reading Public Library



 Level I Annamarie McGrath-Newburyport and Rowley Public Libraries 
 Level II      Melissa Guimont- Middleborough Public Library
Joyce Senior- Newburyport Public Library
 Level III Lori Salotto-Middleborough Public Library   Diane Oxton-Newburyport Public Library



 Level I   Joyce Senior - Newburyport Public Library
 Level IV  Gerry Deyermond - Memorial Hall Library Andover



 Level I     Kellie Porter - Woods Hole Public Library
 Level III     Karen Horn Sturgis Library , Barnstable


 Level I  Kevin MacKenzie - American International College, Springfield
Judith Fallon - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester  
 Level II Karen Horn - Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Cindy Felipe - Reuben Hoar Library, Littleton 


Level I

Lori Salotto- Middlebrough Public Library

Meredith Toumayan- the Governor’s Academy, Byfield

Gina Wells- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Level II

Virginia Julian- Gordon Library/WPI - Worcester

Sandy Leifeld – Newton Free Library



Level I

Karen Horn- Sturgis Library- Barnstable

Toni Wilcox- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Level III

Gerry Deyermond- Memorial Hall Library - Andover

Kathy Coughlin- Reuben Hoar Library – Littleton



Level I

Genie Shearer- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Virginia Julian- Gordon Library/WPI - Worcester

Level III Linda Dodge- Gleason Public Library - Carlisle


Level I Wanda Musacchio- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Level III

Allison Sloan – Reading Public Library - Reading

Carol Geary - Sutton Free Public Library - Sutton


Level I

Mary Boehmer- Hawlmont School Library - Charlemont

Betty Smith - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Faith Hoffman

Level II

Kathy Coughlin - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Gerry Deyermond - Memorial Hall Library - Andover

Janice Lazarus - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Doreen Morse - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Jeanne Sill - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Donna White - Reuben Hoar library - Littleton

Level III

Andrea Curran - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Helen Graham - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Debbie Pennino- Northeastern University Libraries – Boston

2006 (Pilot year)

 Level I       Elizabeth Goodrich - Gordon Library/ WPI, Worcester

                  Elenore McGourty - Gordon Library/WPI, Worcester

 Level II      Allison Sloan - Reading Public library - Reading

*Level IV added at the Section Annual Meeting April, 2010

**With special thanks to Debbie Bockus and Debbie Pennino for their commitment and promotion of this program to recognize the achievements of Massachusetts Paralibrarians

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